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Pokédex - Skarmory (FireRed Version)

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[Picture of Skarmory]

Basic Information

National Number#227
Height1.7 m (5'7")
Weight50.5 kg (111.3 lb)
Footprint[Footprint of Skarmory]
Starting Catch Rate25
Base Experience168
Growth RateSlow (max: 1,250,000 Exp. Points)
Gender Rate50% female, 50% male
Egg GroupsFlying
Steps to Hatch Egg6400
Items in Wild PokémonSHARP BEAK (5%)
Base Stat Points (EVs) GivenDefense: 2
AbilitiesKeen Eye, Sturdy

Race Values ("Base Stats")

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Special Attack40
Special Defense70

Pokédex Entries


Skarmory - Armor Bird Pokémon

After nesting in bramble bushes, the wings of its chicks grow hard from scratches by thorns.


Airmure - Pokémon Armoiseau

Comme il fait son nid dans les ronces, ses petits s'endurcissent à force d'être sans cesse éraflés.


Panzaeron - Flugstahl

Die dornigen Zweige seines Nests bewirken, dass die Flügel seiner Jungen fest und hart werden.


Skarmory - Pokémon Coraza Ave

Después de anidar en zarzas, las alas de sus polluelos crecen fortalecidas por los rasguños.


Skarmory - Pokémon Armuccello

Facendo il nido tra i rovi, le ali dei suoi piccoli si rinforzano per i graffi causati dalle spine.


エアームド (EAAMUDO) - よろいどりポケモン (YoroidoriPOKEMON)

いばらの なかに すをつくる。 トゲで きずつきながら そだてられた ひなの ハネは かたくなる。 (Ibarano nakani suwotsukuru. TOGEde kizutsukinagara sodaterareta hinano HANEha katakunaru. )

Evolutions (When Skarmory Evolves)

No evolutions.

Locations (Where to Find or Catch Skarmory)


Moves Learned

FireRed Version

LevelNameTypePowerAccuracyPPEffect Chance (%)RangeFlags
1LeerNORMAL0100300All opposing Pokémonbce
1PeckFLYING35100350Single exc. userabef
10Sand-AttackGROUND0100150Single exc. userbce
13SwiftNORMAL600200All opposing Pokémonbef
26Fury AttackNORMAL1585200Single exc. userabef
29Air CutterFLYING5595250All opposing Pokémonbef
32Steel WingSTEEL70902510Single exc. userabef
42SpikesGROUND00200Opposing Pokémon's side
45Metal SoundSTEEL085400Single exc. userbce

What moves can Skarmory learn in Pokémon FireRed?

Skarmory can learn the following moves:

AgilityRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 16
Air CutterLevel 29
AttractRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM45
CounterFireRed; LeafGreen; Emerald: Move Tutor
CurseRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Egg Move
CutRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: HM01
Double TeamRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM32
  • Pokémon XD: Move Tutor
  • FireRed; LeafGreen; Emerald: Move Tutor
Drill PeckRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Egg Move
EndureEmerald: Move Tutor
FlyRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: HM02
FrustrationRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM21
Fury AttackRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 26
Hidden PowerRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM10
LeerRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 1
Metal SoundLevel 45
  • Pokémon XD: Move Tutor
  • FireRed; LeafGreen; Emerald: Move Tutor
Mud-SlapEmerald: Move Tutor
PeckRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 1
ProtectRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM17
PursuitRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Egg Move
RestRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM44
ReturnRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM27
RoarRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM05
Rock SlideFireRed; LeafGreen; Emerald: Move Tutor
Rock SmashRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: HM06
Sand-AttackRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 10
SandstormRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM37
Sky Attack
  • Ruby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Egg Move
  • Pokémon XD: Move Tutor
Sleep TalkEmerald: Move Tutor
SnoreEmerald: Move Tutor
SpikesRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 42
Steel Wing
  • Ruby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 32
  • Ruby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM47
  • Pokémon XD: Move Tutor
  • FireRed; LeafGreen; Emerald: Move Tutor
Sunny DayRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM11
  • Pokémon XD: Move Tutor
  • Emerald: Move Tutor
  • Ruby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 13
  • Emerald: Move Tutor
ThiefRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM46
ToxicRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM06
WhirlwindRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Egg Move