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Pokédex - Oddish (FireRed Version)

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[Picture of Oddish]

Basic Information

National Number#043
Height0.5 m (1'8")
Weight 5.4 kg (11.9 lb)
Footprint[Footprint of Oddish]
Starting Catch Rate255
Base Experience78
Growth RateParabolic (max: 1,059,860 Exp. Points)
Gender Rate50% female, 50% male
Egg GroupsGrass
Steps to Hatch Egg5120
Items in Wild PokémonNo items.
Base Stat Points (EVs) GivenSpecial Attack: 1

Race Values ("Base Stats")

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Special Attack75
Special Defense65

Pokédex Entries


Oddish - Weed Pokémon

Its scientific name is ``Oddium Wanderus.'' At night, it is said to walk nearly 1,000 feet on its two roots.


Mystherbe - Pokémon Racine

Son nom scientifique est ``Oddium Wanderus''. Lorsqu'il fait nuit, il se déplace à l'aide de ses racines pour disséminer ses graines.


Myrapla - Unkraut

Sein wissenschaftlicher Name lautet: ``Oddium Wanderus''. Nachts soll es knapp 300 Meter auf seinen zwei Wurzeln zurücklegen.


Oddish - Pokémon Hierbajo

Su nombre científico es ``Oddium Wanderus''. Dicen que usa las raíces para desplazarse. Llega a hacerse 300 m.


Oddish - Pokémon Malerba

Nome scientifico: ``Oddium Viandantis''. Percorre fino a 300 m in una notte sulle due radici fatte a piede.


ナゾノクサ (NAZONOKUSA) - ざっそうポケモン (ZassouPOKEMON)

べつめい アルキメンデス。 よるに なると 2ほんの ねっこで 300メートルも あるくという。 (Betsumei ARUKIMENDESU. Yoruni naruto 2honno nekkode 300MEETORUmo arukutoiu. )

Evolutions (When Oddish Evolves)

Evolves into Gloom at level 21.
Evolves into Vileplume if Leaf Stone is used on it.
Evolves into Bellossom if Sun Stone is used on it.

Locations (Where to Find or Catch Oddish)

Berry Forest3010%Land
CAPE BRINK30-3230%Land
Water Path4410%Land
ROUTE 513-1625%Land
ROUTE 613-1625%Land
ROUTE 719-2220%Land
ROUTE 1222-2635%Land
ROUTE 1322-2635%Land
ROUTE 1422-2635%Land
ROUTE 1522-2635%Land
ROUTE 2412-1425%Land
ROUTE 2512-1425%Land

Moves Learned

FireRed Version

LevelNameTypePowerAccuracyPPEffect Chance (%)RangeFlags
1AbsorbGRASS20100200Single exc. userbe
7Sweet ScentNORMAL0100200All opposing Pokémonbce
14PoisonPowderPOISON075350Single exc. userbce
16Stun SporeGRASS075300Single exc. userbce
18Sleep PowderGRASS075150Single exc. userbce
23AcidPOISON401003010All opposing Pokémonbe
39Petal DanceGRASS7010020100Random opposing Pokémonabef

What moves can Oddish learn in Pokémon FireRed?

Oddish can learn the following moves:

  • Ruby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Pokémon Distribution: Pokemon Center Japan Egg
  • Ruby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 1
AcidRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 23
AttractRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM45
CharmRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Egg Move
CutRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: HM01
Double TeamRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM32
  • Pokémon XD: Move Tutor
  • FireRed; LeafGreen; Emerald: Move Tutor
EndureEmerald: Move Tutor
FlailRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Egg Move
FlashRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: HM05
FrustrationRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM21
Giga DrainRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM19
Hidden PowerRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM10
Leech SeedRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Pokémon Distribution: Pokemon Center Japan Egg
  • Pokémon XD: Move Tutor
  • FireRed; LeafGreen; Emerald: Move Tutor
MoonlightRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 32
Petal DanceRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 39
PoisonPowderRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 14
ProtectRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM17
Razor LeafRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Egg Move
RestRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM44
ReturnRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM27
Sleep PowderRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 18
Sleep TalkEmerald: Move Tutor
Sludge BombRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM36
SnoreEmerald: Move Tutor
SolarBeamRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM22
Stun SporeRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 16
  • Pokémon XD: Move Tutor
  • FireRed; LeafGreen; Emerald: Move Tutor
Sunny DayRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM11
  • Pokémon XD: Move Tutor
  • Emerald: Move Tutor
Sweet ScentRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Level 7
Swords Dance
  • Ruby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Egg Move
  • FireRed; LeafGreen; Emerald: Move Tutor
SynthesisRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: Egg Move
ToxicRuby/Sapphire Versions and Later: TM06