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Pokémon Crystal - Odd Egg

Pokémon CrystalPokémon Crystal - Odd Egg

Japanese version

Using the Mobile Adapter, you can obtain a Pokémon Egg Ticket redeemable at the Goldenrod Pokémon Center for an Egg. The Egg can be either Cleffa, Elekid, Igglybuff, Magby, Pichu, Smoochum, or Tyrogue. and will know Dizzy Punch. Its DVs will be preset as either 0000 or 2AAA. (50%, random).

English version

At the Daycare center near Goldenrod City, talk to the old man and you’ll receive an Odd Egg. The Pokémon you get is determined as soon as you get the Egg. The Pokémon you’ll get will hold no items, have 0 stat experience, and will have a friendship of 20. The Egg will take 5,120 steps to hatch.

NameDVsHPAtkDefSpdSpASpDAttacks KnownOdds (%)
Pichu000017961188Thundershock, Charm, Dizzy Punch8
Pichu2AAA 17971299Thundershock, Charm, Dizzy Punch1
Cleffa0000 20776910Pound, Charm, Dizzy Punch16
Cleffa2AAA 207871011Pound, Charm, Dizzy Punch3
Igglybuff0000 2486697Sing, Charm, Dizzy Punch16
Igglybuff2AAA 24877108Sing, Charm, Dizzy Punch3
Smoochum0000 1986111311Pound, Lick, Dizzy Punch14
Smoochum2AAA 1987121412Pound, Lick, Dizzy Punch2
Magby0000 19128131210Ember, Dizzy Punch10
Magby2AAA 19129141311Ember, Dizzy Punch2
Elekid0000 19118141110Quick Attack, Leer, Dizzy Punch12
Elekid2AAA 19119151211Quick Attack, Leer, Dizzy Punch2
Tyrogue0000 1888888Tackle, Dizzy Punch10
Tyrogue2AAA 1889999Tackle, Dizzy Punch1

Note that there is a much greater chance for your Odd Egg to contain a weak-stat Pokémon.